Project objectives 

  • Strengthen diagnostic capabilities and know-how of the partner laboratories in relation to biotoxins, heavy metals, benzopyrene and other PAH contamination, as well as the identification of Vibrio spp., Norovirus and Hepatitis virus on fish and shellfish produced in Adriatic Sea;
  • distribute technologies in function to different levels of preparedness and existing basic know how;
  • support required knowledge, methods and Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) applications through educational programs and laboratory stages hosted by Istituto Zooprofilattico Sperimentale dell’Abruzzo e del Molise Caporale Teramo (IZSAM) labs for partners’ technicians;
  • establish a star-network structure for assessing the sectorial risks, adopting a web platform based on a center in IZSAM for processing, analysing, managing and presenting data captured and stored by partners for all contaminants and virus;
  • extend the existing web GIS application on the surveillance of molluscs safety problem, including data subjected to EU notification and epidemiological data for the assessment of risks on heavy metal and benzopyrene and other PAH contaminations;
  • prepare and implement Surveillance National Plans for standardising Surveillance and Control Adriatic Area Policy.
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