Training on Biotoxins at FSVI - Albania (18 - 21 April 2016)

From 18th to 21th of April 2016, the training period on Biotoxins detection was held at Food Safety Veterinary Institute of Tirana (Albania).

An expert from the Istituto Zooprofilattico Sperimentale dell’Abruzzo e del Molise “G. Caporale” was invited to attend the training period as technical trainer on analytical methods for the biotoxins determination according to the Commission Regulation No 15/2011 of 10/01/2011, amending Regulation (EC) No 2074/2005. This further training has been organized in the lab of FVSI in Albania, instead of distance learning support and assistance made by IZSAM. This was necessary to better implement the method already learnt during the trainings in Italy.

Final aim is to strengthen diagnostic capabilities in the Adriatic area.



Plenary meeting on risk assessment at Split (1/2 March 2016)

The level of consumers exposure to contaminants in the consumption of fish and shellfish products in the Adriatic Area of reference will be evaluated by CAPS2 thanks to a risk assessment study. This activity is linked with the implementation of National Surveillance Plans and with the web GIS application functioning, data retrieval and proper analysis in the partner Countries involved.

The Ministry of Agriculture of Croatia, with the scientific support of IZSAM, organised from 1 to 2 March 2016 in Split, Croatia, a specific plenary meeting on risk assessment.

Project partners were involved in this event to analyse the preliminary data available from WEB GIS to establish definitive joint criteria for risk assessment study.

To provide the data needed to perform an assessment of the health risks for the consumers of mussels from the study areas of the involved countries, a set of pilot studies have been planned in each country.

Pilot studies will be conducted in specific production areas for relevant contaminants in each country involved in CAPS2. Risk assessment data will be discussed during the final conference of the project.

The final study will be provided within the end of the project, assessing the level of consumers exposure to contaminants in the consumption of shellfish products in the whole Adriatic area of reference of the project.

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The Croatian Veterinary Institute (CVI), CAPS2 lead beneficiary, organises on 5 May 2016, in Split, Croatia the final conference of the project with the aim to present relevant project activities and achievements, to stimulate exchange of knowledge and networking among partners and other stakeholders in the Adriatic Area as concerns safety and surveillance of aquaculture sector.

Representatives of all projects partners will interact and discuss main project results, promoting also the discussion with invited external experts and stakeholders of the sector.

Soon you will find here the photo-gallery of this conclusive international event

The Information System for the management of aquaculture data in the Adriatic Sea

In January 2016 has been completed the CAPS2 Information System to manage the active surveillance.

It aims to standardise the surveillance and controls on sea and aquaculture products, for a common quality standard level in food safety to finally benefit citizens of the Adriatic Area.

The CAPS2 web GIS platform is composed by a set of applications for data management in aquaculture and for the notification of diseases of fish and molluscs.

The management of data through a Geographic Information Systems and their dissemination on the web is one of the most effective models of network communication.

The CAPS2 Web GIS platform is composed by: a spatial database, a National level with applications to manage spatial and non-spatial data and a Supranational Web GIS application.

To know more please read the article by clicking on the following link:

To see the Web GIS platform, please click here:

Sixth Steering Committee Meeting in Split (27 – 28 October 2015)

On 27-28 October 2015, the Ministry of Agriculture of Croatia hosted in Split, Croatia, the Sixth Steering Committee meeting of the CAPS2 project.

During the meeting, the project partners’ representatives, coming from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Italy and Montenegro, discussed about various topic, in order in order to discuss about the progress of the project activities, considering them by work packages, report any difficulties or problems encountered and together solve the related issues.

The meeting was also an opportunity to talk about the planning of future activities and, finally, to discuss about the participation of the partnership to ADRION program and report  the work done in the last semester with the Italian National Center of Reference on mollusk of Ancona (Italy ).

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