Sanitary survey in Montenegro

With reference to the work package no 5 “Preparation and implementation of National Surveillance Plans” of the project CAPS2, the Croatian Veterinary Institute and the Veterinary Administration of Montenegro have conducted a sanitary survey in Montenegro from 19 to 20 March 2014.

The members of the national working group for legislation analysis in Montenegro, established within the action 5.1 of the project, were also present. During the first day of survey, the Kotor bay was examined by boat in order to define the shellfish harvesting areas and taking coordinates for GIS application. Possible sources of pollution and the sampling points for E. coli and biotoxins were also identified. The last day of survey was focused to the legislation analysis and to the meeting with interested target groups. A total of 17 persons, most of them belonging to the Small Medium Enterprises operating in aquaculture sector, were met in order to introduce them the CAPS2 project, its activities and objectives.

Rising competence levels and encouraging transfer of innovation by the creation of networks, the CAPS2 project fully achieves the objective of the IPA CBC programme priority 1 “Economic, social and institutional cooperation”, measure 1.1 “Research and innovation”.

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