Strengthening of CAPS2 diagnostic services

CAPS2 aims at strengthening diagnostic capacities and know - how of partner laboratories as concerns contamination of fish and shellfish in the Adriatic Sea.The project focuses on a concrete improvement of diagnostic competences both in terms of equipment and knowledge, skills and capacities of the involved partner laboratories.

One of the first activity foreseen within CAPS2 is indeed the assessment of laboratories need and training need in relation to diagnostic techniques and methods for heavy metals, benzopyrene and other PAH, food contaminants as well as biotoxins contamination identification.

Training activities on appropriate technologies and official methods for identification of contaminants and diagnosis of fish and shellfish diseases are core tasks of CAPS2.

Planned activities

  • During the first year, supply of equipment and consumables to partner laboratories is foreseen.
  • Partners contribute in developing a training need assessment of laboratory staff to collect all elements and information to produce a training plan.
  • Staff of different partner laboratories is involved in training activities in the IZSAM laboratories in Italy and on the job training session in their own Countries.


  • CAPS2 partner laboratories have been provided with new technologies and instruments to implement diagnostic analysis (almost 80% of the funds assigned and 20% under tendering).
  • According to the training need assessment completed in 2013, a training plan was established. Starting from January 2014, technicians from CAPS2 partner laboratories are involved in theoretical and practical training sessions at IZSAM laboratories, Teramo, Italy, for a variable period of two to four weeks.
  • Training periods at IZSAM on benzopyrene and other Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAH) detection, on heavy metals, on Norovirus and Hepatitis A virus and on Biotoxins have been already executed and will continue in September and October 2014 with further study periods on Vibrio spp. and other food contaminants determination.
  • The website section on “News and events” contains more information on training periods already executed and detailed photo gallery.
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