GIS application development

One of CAPS2 project specific objective is to establish a star network structure to assess risk in fishery and aquaculture sectors using a GIS platform managed by IZSAM, Italy.

The platform, originally developed during a previous project called CAPS, has to be extended to Competent Authorities of project partner countries to collect relevant epidemiological data and manage information on fish and molluscs diseases.

A supranational web GIS application is also developed within CASPS2 to collect and analyse relevant data concerning the situation in the Adriatic Sea as concerns the health of seafood products.

Planned activities

  • The definition of datasets to be collected for the web GIS application is the first activity of this project component.
  • The web GIS application is adapted and enlarged in terms of technology and contents in each partner country to allow spatial representation of information on sampling areas and examination of fish and molluscs biological and chemical contamination.
  • CAPS2 develops a supranational web GIS system to be used to collect data arising from the National Systems and implement a risk assessment of the Adriatic area. Project partners collaborate for the alimentation, support and management of National and Supranational web GIS system.
  • Training courses on web GIS utilization applied to seafood safety problems are other CAPS2 activities.


  • The CAPS2 web GIS application has been designed to provide the partner countries (Croatia, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Italy) with the fundamental tools to acquire and display the relevant epidemiological information on aquaculture, fishes and molluscs diseases along the entire Adriatic coast and making these data available to the final users, policy makers and risk assessors.
  • The design of the data model actively involved all project partners who were asked to fill in questionnaires aimed to determine their needs in terms of data collection and representation. All the data gathered were then stored and organized in a database.
  • A web Information System has been developed to provide the user with all the relevant data collected in field and lab and it is accessible using a common web browser.
  • A user manual for the web GIS application has been also prepared.
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